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Segment A: Industry Background & Competitive Threats

Structuring a Reseller for Success

Structuring a Reseller for Success

Many of the independent resellers in the United States have been around for decades and have well-established business relationships in their local communities. However, as the world goes digital, old-school relationships are no longer enough and dealers must re-structure for the digital world.

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Office Products & Equipment Dealers - Digital Transformation Strategy

Office Products & Equipment Resellers face significant challenges as the market shrinks, consolidates, and as they struggle with their digital transformations. Learn more from our comprehensive paper evaluating all the components necessary for a successful digital transformation strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions: A Twenty-Billion Dollar Growth Opportunity

The office products and equipment industry is a mature industry with mergers and acquisitions taking place that threaten the future of independent resellers. Learn more about this activity, how to take advantage of it, and what strategies can turn it into a twenty-billion-dollar growth opportunity.

Segment B: The Digital Revolution & Information Technology

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Independent Resellers and the Digital Workplace

Resellers in the office products and equipment vertical mostly lack the skills to convert from an analog to digital presence. However, with it becoming increasingly difficult to imagine successful businesses without a strong digital presence, developing the skills necessary for digital transformation has become critical.

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The Role of Email Marketing in a Brand Development Strategy

Sending an email is easy so many do but, effective email marketing requires a major effort and for those that aren't prepared to make that effort, the results will be poor. Learn more about each of the required elements for effective email marketing that underpin successful brand development.

Segment C: The Legal Landscape

Book 6 - Generic Cartridges_ The Legal Landscape

Generic Printer Cartridges and the Legal Challenges

Generic printer cartridges can be an important tactic for resellers to use for increasing market share. However, the OEM's depend on post-equipment sales for as much as 75% of their lifetime value and 99% of the profits. Learn more about the legal landscape surrounding aftermarket cartridges.

Segment D: The Resellers Value Proposition

Book 7 - Crafting & Promoting the Resellers Business Strategy

Crafting and Promoting a Business Strategy for Resellers

Independent resellers in the office products and business equipment verticals face a desperate case of catch-22. Most lack the know-how or financial resources to set the foundation for a digital business transformation that, the absence of, is destined to lead directly to their ultimate failure.

Book 8 - Channel Convergence

Channel Convergence: The Blending of the Office Products & Equipment Channels

There's a great divide between the office products and equipment channels with the A3 copier business model versus the A4 desktop printer business model forming the barrier between the two. However, as print volumes decline the need for expensive A3 copier devices also declines and A4 equipment, with a lower cost of ownership, is poised to take over and turn the legacy business model on its head.