Independent Resellers and Restructuring a Business for the Digital World!

Structuring a Reseller for Success

How must a reseller structure its business for success?

The implementation of technology is changing legacy work practices and workflows which combine to reduce print requirements.

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Learn why certain building blocks must underpin the structure of a reseller before a transformation from analog to digital can take place!

Work Habits

Today's workforce carry out the tasks necessary for fulfilling their responsibilities in different ways to those that used to be accepted as the norm.

  • Mobile - no need to be in the corporate office
  • Always connected and available
  • Instant access to mission-critical information
  • Absorbing information from multi-channel sources
  • Taking technology for granted

Purchasing Behavior

Consumers have embraced online purchasing and now have an expectation to be able to efficiently source their requirements from online portals.

  • Virtually unlimited choice
  • Users expect high-quality information
  • Assume business transactions will be flawless
  • Will research alternatives if you don't perform 

Buyer Behavior

More than 70% of buyers independently carry out online research before they will consider talking directly to a salesperson!

  • Must know what buyers are searching for 
  • Provide content responsive to those searches
  • Without content there will be no buyers
  • Without buyers there will be no sales meetings
  • Without sales meetings there will be no customers

How must independent resellers structure themselves for a digital transformation?

e-Book includes:

Technology Insights

35-Year Industry Executive

Green Check Mark  Integrated information technology systems

Green Check Mark  Changing consumer and buyer behavior

Digital Marketing Insights

10-Years Experience

Green Check Mark  Developing online awareness

Green Check Mark  The right content for the right person at the right time


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