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How important is the inkjet & laser status-quo for your business?

In 2016 Hewlett Packard demonstrated its ability to disable aftermarket ink cartridges in some printers previously sold to consumers around the world. In pushing a firmware update to devices with an IP address, they demonstrated a means to establish more control over inkjet and laser market share.

Why is a transition from laser to inkjet printers going to take place?

Page-wide printhead arrays in inkjet printers can reduce the total cost of ownership by as much as fifty-percent over four years. As such, they represent a serious challenge to the laser stronghold in business environments. However, they may also weaken the manufacturer's control over market share!

What Do Uber and Office Products Have in Common?

Uber came along and disrupted a powerful industry - what's it going to take for a similar disruption to occur in the office products industry?

Office Products, Cartridge Clones & Media Headlines!

Smart use of the internet creates an opportunity for disintermediating office products incumbents allowing local resellers to undergo business transformations.

E-commerce, Amazon and Office Products Resellers

Office Products dealers and failed e-commerce led to the Amazon marketplace. Is this a sound strategy and are the days of independent e-commerce over?

Amazon, Marketplace Sellers, and Office Products

Office Products resellers are running out of time to figure out a path forward with e-commerce. Migration to the Amazon Marketplace is probably not the answer.


It should be clear, the foundation for a digital transformation is a rule-conforming, content-rich, and mobile-responsive website - a website that can be relied upon to promote its brand 24/7, that's fully integrated with social media and email marketing tools, and has incorporated a clear visit-to-lead conversion strategy.
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