How must independent resellers establish their foundation to compete in the Digital World?

Book 7 - Crafting & Promoting the Resellers Business Strategy

They can't compete with legacy technology or analog strategy.

It's impossible for independent resellers to implement "go-it-alone" strategies to resolve the technology issues or launch digital strategies they don't fully understand. However, without these capabilities, their survival is at risk.

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It's too late to build a B2C e-commerce business so resellers must focus on B2B. However, without technology and digital tactics these efforts are also doomed to fail!

The Technology Gap

There is no escaping that we live in a digital world and there's no escaping a business cannot compete in a digital world using analog tools. Most independent resellers:

  • Are still analog
  • Strongest competitors are digital
  • Have high churn rates
Combining high churn rates with a slowly decreasing market represents a serious threat to Independent Resellers. Unless they close the technology gap they face an increasing risk of failure.

The Value Proposition

There is only one product category in a $200 billion industry that can be exploited to increase both profits and market share, and that is generic ink and toner cartridges. To take advantage:

  • Technology barriers must be overcome
  • Customers must be presented with alternatives
  • The value proposition must be promoted
The most widely used technology platforms do not facilitate seamlessly adding aftermarket alternatives to the catalog. Until this hurdle is overcome, they cannot become part of the value proposition.

The Technology Solution

A technology solution must solve all the elements necessary for a digital transformation. This involves much more than an online catalog and ordering system. 

  • Vendor "agnostic" platform
  • Reseller controls which products and vendors
  • Fully integrated platform
Turning a resellers website into its full-time promoter working 24/7 to develop awareness and answer researching buyer's questions can't take place overnight but, without it, more failures are likely.

Why can't an independent reseller independently execute a digital transformation?

e-Book explains:


Green Check Mark  The "go-it-alone" investment is too high

Green Check Mark  The ROI is insufficient to overcome the risks


Green Check Mark  The typical reseller doesn't know what's involved

Green Check Mark  Doesn't have enough knowledge to qualify 3rd parties 


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