Mergers and Acquisitions Are Rapidly Changing The Competitive Landscape.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Improve your understanding of the potential for M&A to impact your dealership.

M&A activity at the manufacturer, distributor, and reseller level is having a major impact on the marketplace and independent resellers must be prepared for disruptive change.

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Learn who the strongest players are and how they impact M&A activity to change the landscape of the office products and equipment industry!


Mergers and acquisitions are taking place at all levels in the office equipment, products, and supplies industry.

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) i.e. Fuji Xerox Merger
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers i.e. SP Richards merger
  • Resellers
  • Retailers
Independent resellers must make informed decisions when selecting their partners.

Consumer Adoption

Only one category in the industry has not been commoditized and that's ink and toner.

  • Original (OEM) brands
  • Aftermarket remanufactured
  • Aftermarket new-build cartridges
  • Distribution, availability
  • Legal threats
Ink and toner underpin the entire industry, whether it be for an equipment or for an office products & supplies reseller.

Market Share

There's insufficient margin on equipment or on commoditized office products and supplies to capture market share.

  • Can't grow revenue without increasing market share
  • Can't increase market share in an online price war
  • Can't beat market leaders value proposition without technology
Resellers are faced with few options besides leveraging the aftermarket value proposition in conjunction with information technology.

How can independent resellers position themselves for growth?

e-Book includes:

M&A Insights

35-Year Industry Executive

Green Check Mark  Who's weak and who's strong

Green Check Mark  Aligning with the right partners

The Value Proposition

15-Years Experience

Green Check Mark  The Internet and developing brand awareness

Green Check Mark  Where to focus and leveraging weak points to grow


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