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Information Technology Platform Scorecard

Why must you invest in an integrated information technology platform?

Converting data into actionable business intelligence. 


Every business uses an accounting system for managing financial transactions, business assets, tax returns, etc.

Do you:

  • Manually set up each new customer
  • Journal entry your e-commerce transactions
  • Have instant visibility to customer revenue trends
  • Know your customer churn and acquisition rates and lifetime values


The CRM system is a shared knowledge center for stakeholders, designed to facilitate reliable, effective, and timely customer communications.

Do you:

  • Gather information from multiple sources into your CRM
  • Share this information with all authorized employees
  • Develop advocates by way of your outstanding customer service


It's difficult to imagine a business being around in the long-term without a "rule-conforming" value-add website with content relevant to researching buyer's.

Is your website:

  • Integrated with your e-commerce platform
  • Populated with high-quality, relevant content
  • Optimized for search
  • Adding value for your customer and prospects
  • Integrated for traffic metrics and reporting


Whether your focus is B2B or B2C it's important to provide an online catalog designed for effective search and fast transactions.

Do your:

  • E-commerce transactions automatically go into your accounting and CRM systems
  • Sell prices reflect market pricing
  • Visitors require a login to see your prices

email-marketing-conceptEmail Marketing 

An email address with permission to use it is still the most direct way to communicate with a customer or prospect.

Have you:

  • Segmented your contact list
  • Developed a targeted email strategy
  • Established full visibility in your CRM to all opens, clicks, and conversions

Hand-pointing-elements-for-online-marketingOnline Marketing 

More than 70% of buyer's research online before they will consider talking to a salesperson.

Have you:

  • Created content relevant for your ideal customer's research
  • Implemented visit-to-lead conversion strategies
  • Deployed multiple communication channels such as forms, chat, email, social, etc.
  • Integrated your website activity into your CRM

Now let's evaluate your current setup to learn how well prepared you are to compete in the Digital World.

Follow the numbered sequence in the form below selecting your responses from the green colored drop down fields and working left to right through each of the six sections. Once you've completed your selections your scorecard will display below the questionnaire.

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