Converting data into business intelligence!

IT Scorecard Elements for Small Biz-1

Grade your existing IT platform to determine how prepared you are for competing in the Digital World.

Organizations with the ability to convert data into business intelligence are developing sustainable competitive advantages as part of their digital transformation.

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Learn more about why you need an integrated information technology platform to retain existing customers and win new ones!

Lead Generation

70%+ of potential buyers are researching online before they will ever speak to a salesperson.

  • Does your website act to qualify your business to researching buyers?
  • Do you deploy visit-to-lead conversion strategies?
  • Do you enable multiple communication channels?
  • Do you capture your visitor activity in your CRM?
  • Can your customers seamlessly transact at your website?


Do you have a central database of shared knowledge available to authorized employees?

  • Customer order history
  • Customer communications & timeline
  • Website pages visited
  • Content downloads
  • Do you have to re-key data into standalone systems?


Do you send emails with the right content at the right time to the right person? 

  • Email remains the most effective means for one-to-one communications
  • Sending the wrong material at the wrong time reduces engagement and leads to opt-out's
  • Do you record all email activity in your CRM contact timeline?

Can you seamlessly gather and consolidate all this data and use it to develop your business?

IT Scorecard Paints a Picture:

The Six Elements

Green Check Mark  Accounting, CRM, & E-commerce Portal

Green Check Mark  Website, email, and online content marketing


Green Check Mark  Each of the six elements must "speak" to each other

Green Check Mark  Automated data flows create business intelligence


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