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Anti Trust Risks and Merger & Acquisition Strategies

With only a dozen or so original equipment manufacturers left, between them accounting for over $170 Billion in annual global sales, the office products and business equipment industry is already concentrated. It's likely to become even more so over the next few years.

Mergers & Acquisition News - HP and Samsung announce combination

An unexpected move that seems to make perfect sense as Hewlett Packard takes control of its own destiny in laser printing technology with its acquisition of the Samsung Printer Division.

Office Depot and CompuCom, Results and Pointers for Independent Resellers

After the busted deal with Staples, Office Depot management announced they would be taking bold steps to protect the future of the company from the relentless attack originating from Amazon and others. CompuCom is certainly a bold move and time will tell if the transactional culture at Office Depot can be pivoted toward services.

The Real Plight of an Independent Office Products Reseller

With tens of thousands of products making up the office products and equipment categories, it's inconceivable for resellers to stock a full line of products, so the wholesaler's drop-ship programs perform a vital role in their value proposition. Potential changes in the wholesalers go-to-market strategy, combined with the ever-increasing threat of OEM's selling direct, add up to serious threats to the resellers model.

2017 Financial Performance - Global Office Products and Equipment Manufacturers and Resellers

The top 26 players in the global office products and equipment industry had global sales of $420 billion in 2017 and combined to generate over $30B in EBITDA. However, the top five accounts for 60% of the EBITDA and 75% of the debt capacity setting the scene for the mergers endgame.

The Merger of SP Richards and Essendant & What it Meant for Resellers

Prior to the intervention of Staples, the merger of SP Richards and Essendant had the potential to improve their combined business outlook as well as those of the thousands of resellers that make up the customer base. Regardless, the wholesalers success is dependent on the reseller and the old-school approach isn't working.

Why did Office Depot buy CompuCom and why should independent resellers pay close attention?

The Office Depot acquisition of CompuCom has the potential to be a game-changer with profound implications for the future of independent resellers. However, transforming a transactional culture into services is likely to stretch Depot management to the limit and encounter many challenges along the way.

Where was the upside in the proposed deal for Fujifilm as they sought to gain control of Xerox and merge it with Fuji Xerox?

Control of the iconic Xerox brand was to pass to Fujifilm in a transaction that proposed a Fuji Xerox / Xerox merger for no more than a debt-financed dividend. However, the two largest Xerox shareholders didn't like the deal and went to court to prevent it.

Why is a Fujifilm deal still the most likely outcome for Xerox?

Icahn and Deason have had an endgame strategy from the start. All they want is the original Fujifilm deal agreed in early 2017 where Xerox is sold outright to Fujifilm for $40 a share or $10 billion. The endgame is almost upon us and it's starting to look more likely their efforts will succeed.

Who would be vulnerable to lose market share in a Fujifilm Xerox merger?

Major changes are taking place in the office products industry as the focus switches from transaction-based to service-based business models. Xerox has stagnated and now faces almost insurmountable obstacles to secure its future. A Fujifilm Xerox merger would be unlikely to be sufficient!

Would a Fuji Xerox merger with Xerox make a difference?

With the news that Fujifilm wants to take control of Xerox in a Fuji Xerox merger, would this improve the financial outlook for the combined entities or is it simply a combination of two declining businesses that will remain destined to fail?

Small Business & Merger and Acquisition Strategies

What should small business owners look for when evaluating merger and acquisition strategies for growth or for a sale?  What are the key factors that drive business valuations and how important are these for business owners to take into consideration in a mature, declining market?

In Plain Sight - An Ink and Toner Cartel or Not?

Operating in plain sight, a cartel-like structure for ink and toner cartridges and a market distortion that's created a competitive nightmare for the OEM's. Learn how developments in the industry are creating an opportunity for otherwise struggling independent resellers to grow their business.

Office Products & Supplies - M&A and The Big Picture

The Office Products & Equipment industry is mature with M&A activity intensifying causing disruption that adversely impacts independent resellers. For those with a deep understanding of what's taking place, patience, and a strong work ethic, there remains an opportunity for profitable growth.


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