Market Share Development Calculator

What is the analog business outlook versus the digital outlook for office products resellers?


The Analog Outlook!

  • The impact of market shrink, digital competitors, and price:
    • Volume is reducing.
    • Digital competition increases churn.
    • Pricing pressure as sellers fight to keep existing business.
  • These three factors are likely to lead to a 12% annual contraction of the top line!
    • Over a four-year period, a typical office products reseller faces a loss of nearly 40% of its top line revenue.
    • Combining to shrink gross margin dollars by over 35% in the same time frame.

The Digitol Outlook!

  • In implementing a digital strategy, a business is positioned to expand its footprint and grow profitably in a slowly shrinking market:
    • Content rich website.
    • Intelligent, consistent email marketing combined with contact database expansion.
    • Social media audience development and engagement strategy.
    • Educational blogging targeted at "ideal" customers.
    • Leveraging aftermarket brands to open doors and improve profitability.
    • Sophisticated inbound marketing strategy, respecting each contacts' position in the buying lifecycle.
    • Website traffic development combined with visit to lead conversion strategy.
  • Successfully implementing an inbound strategy could increase sales by more than 10% per year!
    • Over a four-year period, an office products reseller could increase its top line sales revenue by 45%
    • And increase its gross margin dollars by over 70% in the same time frame.

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Successfully implementing a digital strategy can reduce customer churn and the cost of customer acquisition thereby transforming the future for office supplies dealerships. Developing relevant inbound traffic and learning how to maximize visitor conversion rates successfully moves leads through the sales funnel.

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