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The focus for developing e-commerce has been B2C which means competing with Amazon or, worse still, joining their marketplace. Switching gears and providing a value-add proposition for B2B customers is far more likely to provide for a return on the investment.
Customer churn, particularly when it's combined with a shrinking market, will cut the top line by 40% or more over 4 years. Learn about improving customer retention and its direct relationship with customer lifetime values.
As a consumer, we all love Amazon, as a business owner, we universally fear them and the impact they have on markets they choose to enter. Learn more about tactics for fighting back.
It's impossible to increase revenue in a declining market without increasing market share at a rate that's greater than the decrease in market size. Learn more about options and strategies for increasing market share.
Just a few short years ago, pundits were writing off Best Buy as a showroom for online sales that would eventually be conducted elsewhere. Instead, Best Buy has fought back and demonstrated there's a way to compete with Amazon.
Learn more about the ten goals and seven key performance indicators that must be established and monitored for taking part in a digital business transformation. 
The internet has changed everything about the way potential customers interact with their potential suppliers. Unless resellers adapt to the change and implement technologies and services that support these changes, they will eventually succumb to those that do.
The Internet of Things (IoT) and the ability to connect "dumb" devices to a central database, gather data, and turn it into valuable business intelligence will define the winners and losers over the next 5 - 10 years.


It should now come as no surprise that the foundation for a digital transformation is a rule-conforming, content-rich, and mobile-responsive website - a website you can rely on to promote your brand 24/7, that's fully integrated with social media and email marketing tools, and incorporates technology for visit-to-lead conversion strategies.

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It all starts with a website


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