The respondents in the "Non-Dongling" Dongle Gear Investigation

There are 49 named respondents in the complaint filed by Canon that has now been accepted for investigation by the ITC under case number 337-TA-1106. The complete list of respondents is shown in the summary table presented below.

So long as each of the named respondents in the ITC investigation file the necessary motion with the respective district courts (within 30 days of the March 26th 2018 institution date of the ITC proceeding) the 36 district court patent infringement complaints filed as part of the overall Canon toner litigation strategy will be stayed (placed on temporary hold) while the ITC investigation takes place.

Respondents that were also named in the 2014 (337-TA-918) investigation are highlighted in green. As we confirm missing details about the activities of each of the respondents, in terms of their status as a manufacturer, importer, distributor, reseller, or internet retailer, we will add these into the summary table.

There are nine patents asserted in the complaint which, between them, contain a total of 193 claims of which 28 are "independent" claims. There are nine different versions of the generic printer cartridges dongle gear that are accused of infringing between 11 and 16 of the 28 independent claims contained in the nine patents. Please click this link for a summary chart of the patents and the independent claims as they are asserted against the nine different aftermarket gear designs.

The battle to eliminate new-build Chinese toner cartridges from the United States market has entered a new phase, the outcome of which is likely to shape the future for aftermarket supplies manufacturers as well as the resellers.



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