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Why must you have a financial plan?

The foundation for a successful Business Transformation is built on relevant goals in a financial plan alongside the ability to measure future performance against those goals.

I'm Ready to Start Preparing my Business Plan!

A comprehensive set of measurable goals must underpin your transformation from analog to digital!

The Analog Outlook 

MARKET CONDITIONS: Mature, consolidating market with competitive threats combining to reduce resellers top-line by up to 40% over the next 4 years!

  • Market shrink
  • Customer defections (churn)
  • Changes in product mix
  • Changing buyer behavior
  • The digitization of the back-office

The Strategic Plan

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Consumers are demanding different ways to communicate with businesses with one of the consequences being the need to interpret a flood of data.

  • Converting data to business intelligence
  • Communicating with customers on their terms
  • Data consolidation and retrievability
  • Improving customer and prospect's experience
  • Developing a competitive advantage

The Digital Outlook

WEB TRAFFIC: Increasing volumes of relevant web traffic leveraged through intelligent "visit-to-lead-to-customer" conversion strategies.

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Integrated information technology systems
  • Actionable business intelligence
  • Use of automation where appropriate
  • Delighting customers and prospects

How do Office Products and Equipment Resellers accomplish a Digital Transformation?

The Business Planning Platform Includes:

4-year Financial Plan

Setting Measurable Goals

Green Check Mark  Incorporating financial impact of changing market

Green Check Mark  Accounting for costs of customer acquisition and churn

Business Development Elements

Multiple Layers

Green Check Mark  Email, social media, organic, and paid traffic sources

Green Check Mark  The plan, the costs, and the Return on Investment


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